Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Wow, so we're leaving Wake Forest in less than two weeks. Actually, as of today, we have 12 more days before we set sail on a whole new adventure in life. CRAZY!!

We're about to leave for Georgia to see my family for a couple of days, then we're gonna swing back through SC to see Sarah's family as well. Then we come back to the Forest, pack our junk into a budget truck and hit the road.

For those of you that we won't get a chance to see before again over the holidays, Merry Christmas!! We pray that all you guys have a wonderful time with your families and that you truly worship our Saviour for what he has done and continues to do for us! We hope to see all of you at our New Years bash so that we can say one last 'good-bye' while we're in town. You can call for details: 919.274.8715

Love you guys!
Ben <><

Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel, which means 'God with us'

P.S. So a long time ago, Rion and Kristen Bell gave us one of those refrigerator magnet sets that is just a bunch of magnetic words, except they gave us the genius edition. I guess he thought he would stump us by making them hard words. Well I am pleased to announce that I have constructed a sentence that spans the entire width of our refrigerator. Here it is: 
"She is influencing a herculean miscreantous individual to expunge every obdurate character from my impecunious domicile, which is in Slovakia; hence he would be delighted to fusillade nefariously at my sanguine thought."
Now I know it doesn't make a ton of sense, but it works.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Job, New Home... Boy oh Boy

So as of January 5th, I will be serving as Youth Pastor at Aviator Church in Derby, KS. I am super pumped about having a job that I love in a church that I am excited about. BUT... it's so far away from everything that is comfortable to me. I have lived out west before, but not since I was a little kid. I am cozy and comfortable here in Wake Forest and the carnal side of me doesn't want to go.

But guess what... Aviator Church is awesome! It is totally worth uprooting my comfortable life and moving 1500 miles away. 

Things all happened pretty fast. I took the job last Tuesday and we move on Jan 3rd. That gives Sarah and me a little over a month to wrap up everything here, pack our junk, and relocate. 

Both of our moms have already had a good cry over the whole thing and Sarah and I have both freaked out a little bit, but we're ok. I think Robert, Sarah's brother, may come out and live with us this summer. That would make things a lot easier for us, having some family around to soften the blow.

Be praying for us as we go through this transition. God has totally provided and shown Himself to be a major part of everything that's going on, so we're not the least bit scared about starting this new chapter. A little nervous, but not scared.

One day, I will post more about how everything went down, but not today.

Love you guys!
Ben <><