Friday, July 11, 2008

Cat Fight

Ok, so do you remember the days when you were younger and dumber? Well this is an example of my younger and dumber days (like 3 years ago). Duke and I found these mascot uniforms at the college where we worked for camp. We probably shouldn't have been looking for them in the first place (we found them in the back of some half-way locked storage room), but we definitely shouldn't have taken them. Ha!

So in Madisonville, TN on a Saturday night, we went to the parking lot at Walmart (where about 50 drunks park their trucks in a circle and continue drinking), and had a fight. The crowd was hillarious, they were cheering us on in a drunken roar (no pun intended), and clicking pics of us on their camera phones. Some had even picked a winner and were cheering for us. 
Fun times.