Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Snow, D-Now, and Pei Wei

So, a lot has happened over the last few days. Wake Forest saw its first snow of the year today. A little early and a lot of awesome! It would snow pretty hard for like 2 minutes, then stop, which made it impossible to stick. Hopefully, this will signal a lot more to come.

D-now at church was this past weekend. We had 147 students turn out and it was nothing short of spectacular. The best part was that the excitement didn't happen just at the d-now event, we had a lot of students come face to face with some pretty serious stuff after all the excitement had died down. Long story short, God did some awesome things this weekend in the lives of a lot of students (and adults). 

Sarah told me a while back about this restaurant called Pei-Wei, so tonight we tried it out. It's a fast-food version of PF Chang's (best oriental food in the world!) and it was great! Not expensive at all and the food was delicious. So if you ever get the chance to try it, well then... try it. We went because tonight was our "mid-week date night." We usually reserve Friday or Saturday night for date night, but we're traveling EVERY weekend during the month of November, so we needed a night to just get out and spend some time together.

Speaking of traveling, we're going to Kansas this weekend to interview for a Youth Pastor position out there. Pray that everything would go well and that I wouldn't be nervous during interviews. 

Ben <><

p.s. oh yeah, any science professor who claims that modern scientific creationism isn't "valid scientific study" should NOT be allowed to teach at a conservative seminary/Bible college. (long story)